Using Google Chrome to make administration a breeze

Many people use Google Chrome on their personal computers to browse. It’s likely you use it on your work PC as well if your organization allows. Google Chrome loads most sites with ease, is frequently updated and has many customization options. It’s an all around good choice. It can also make your life as an admin much easier. A browser making administration easier? What magic is this? Well, lets look at some of the options.

One of the most obvious benefits is shared bookmarks and plugins across any PC connected to the users’ Google or Google Apps account. This feature gets even better when you realize that Google Chrome is available on Windows, Linux and Mac as well as Android devices. That means that your bookmarks will be available on all your devices and your extensions on all your (Windows/Linux/Mac) computers. Another positive is that Chrome has Shockwave/Flash built in. That means that you don’t need to install a separate plugin on your device. Any extra software you can avoid installing on your server is a plus. Additionally, Chrome is themable so that you can customize it for your organization if you wanted to.

Another positive is that there is a portable version of Chrome available. This does not need to be installed on a PC. This means you can run it from a USB Drive or a network share. You can find Google Chrome Release (the public release you mostly likely have installed on your pc), the Beta version or the Development version. The Development version is usually the bleeding edge of the development channel. Beta usually has a few new features but is more stable. The public version is the stable release you are used to. The development of the portable versions is usually pretty close to the regular versions.

You can find a few links below to resources that can help you deploy Chrome to you business.

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If you want a more detailed article on Chrome for enterprise use, leave a comment and I’ll get to it.

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