FizzBuzz for (almost) Every Language

FizzBuzz. Chances are that you’ll need to know it at one time or another if you apply for any programming or development job. Here are a couple ways to do FizzBuzz in a variety of languages. There are alternate ways to do this in each language but these are a few examples of some code that you could use. I”ll update this post over time as I find new examples.
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PowerShell: Check System Execution Policy

Here is another quick script to check your system’s Execution Policy.

batch file: pspolicycheck.bat

@echo off
powershell.exe -noexit Get-ExecutionPolicy -list

This will give you a quick list of Execution Policies on your system and give you a PowerShell prompt. Of course you can always simple run “Get-ExecutionPolicy -list” from the Command Line or PowerShell prompt. You can download bar from the above link or copy the 2 lines above to a text file and rename it .bat.


PowerShell : Uptime scripts

I wanted a quick way to determine uptime for my servers and other windows computers and so started searching for solutions. After some time I finally found some good information but it wasn’t entirely user friendly. After another 2 hours of researching and trying to get it right, I came up with these scripts for displaying your computer’s uptime. The PowerShell scripts aren’t mine (you’ll find links to the originals below) but the batch files are. Pretty simple but a nice time saver.
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