PowerShell : Uptime scripts

I wanted a quick way to determine uptime for my servers and other windows computers and so started searching for solutions. After some time I finally found some good information but it wasn’t entirely user friendly. After another 2 hours of researching and trying to get it right, I came up with these scripts for displaying your computer’s uptime. The PowerShell scripts aren’t mine (you’ll find links to the originals below) but the batch files are. Pretty simple but a nice time saver.

Simple Uptime:
batch file: uptime.bat

PowerShell Script: uptime.ps1

PowerShell Source: Link

Formated Uptime:
batch file: uptimef.bat

PowerShell script: uptimef.ps1


You can click on the links above to download. These scripts will allow you to quickly see the uptime on your PC. I’ll be posting more scripts as time goes on. Feel Free to suggest something if you’re interested.