When cheap and simple turns into anything but…

I’ve ran a single 3TB Seagate for a few years in my stripped down workstation server for media and it’s been “fine”. Even made a hacked drive cage for it. Then a few weeks ago things started to slow down….a lot. Speeds dropped from 50-75MB/s to <1MB/s in the end and the resulting latency issues started locking up the whole server, requiring hard shutdowns to continue.

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Site should be Back Up

1&1 messed up royally and completely trashed the site. Luckily I do nightly backups to Dropbox so I didn’t lose much but it’s taken 2 days to get everything restored (no thanks to 1&1 Support). The may still be some issues and missing stuff that’ll I’ll have to fix. Please let me know if you spot anything.

Windows/Office Digital River and Azure Blob links removed

I’ve removed the Windows/Office download links as Microsoft has retired their Digital River/Azure Blob service (or at least removed Windows and Office from it). Since all the links now 302 and no longer work there is no point in keeping them up. I will continue looking for a new, safe source for ISO’s and Images for Windows and Office and update the page at that time. Until then it’s back to the old ways to getting them.

Don’t let your hard work put money in someone else’s pocket.

Don’t let your hard work put money in someone else’s pocket.

Windows/Office Digital River Links Updates [11/23/14]

I’ve  made some updates to the Windows/Office Digital River Links page to correct some broken links. Microsoft is currently in the process of migrating from their old Digital River servers to Azure. Due to that change many of the links are being changed in addition to some products being phased out. I’ll try to keep up with the changes but if I miss something just let me know. I will also be looking into a cleaner download interface so you’re not assaulted with a page full of links. The goal is a dropdown interface where you can just select your product and language and get your links. Going forward, this post will serve as the page for updates and contact for the Microsoft links.

Now as for the links themselves, I’ve made a few changes to how they are presented. For the most part they will remain the same but with the addition of alternative version and download links. For most people you can just download the latest version link but I’ll keep old versions linked for those who need them. Since this page is the second most popular page on the site I’m going to give it a little more attention and spruce it up.

Finally, a thanks to heidoc.net who figured out the change to the link structure and serve as the base source for links.

Windows/Office Digital River Links

Todo [11/23/14]:

  • Fix Broken links – Ongoing
  • Add additional alternative links
  • Clean up link presentation

Changed Hosts

I just finished the initial setup from my move from Dreamhost to Bluehost. The domain is transferred so there should be no issues there. I think I caught all the database and server configuration issues but you may still experience issues with the site for the few things I may have missed. Please let me know if you encounter any issues so I can get them fixed.

Welcome to the new home of A Rambling Geek!

I’m still setting up the site and working out the bugs but this will be the permanent home from now on. I’ll be able to have a lot more flexibility in content and how it looks. After I get the bugs worked out I have a few articles and guides I’ve been working on for you. If you have anything you’d like to see covered feel free to let me know.

Welcome and Enjoy.